Hand worked Wrought Iron and Bronze products are timeless.  Each piece is truly unique, and the cold metal has a warmth and life installed in it from labour of our workers’ hands.  The only difference between the Wrought Iron Specialists’ workshop and that of a workshop 200 years ago is the tools used.  Wrought iron and other metals are shaped and joined by hand using heat, human muscle and a ‘great eye’;  it is this human energy that makes every piece unique, and our eye for detail that makes every piece exquisite. 

History of Wrought Iron Specialists

Wrought Iron Specialists Ltd are based in Auckland, New Zealand, and we were founded in 2009.  Since then, we have grown to include two additional, very experienced trades-qualified staff, who encompass 80 years of experience working with wrought iron and other metals.

Our experience with metal started more than 40 years ago when we started copper-smithing apprenticeships in the UK after a stint at Art school.  After finishing our apprenticeships we branched out into using other metals such as Bronze and Iron. 

Handcrafted and Unique Work

Wrought Iron Specialists are considered true masters by our customers, with some of these customers simply referring to us as ‘artists’.  We personally believe and live by the mantra of excellence – “Our work is prominent, often a centrepiece be it in a public building or the family home … it represents our passion and therefore must be unique, beautiful and perfect”.  We believe that actions speak louder than words and you can appreciate our passion from a small sample of our work in the gallery.  None of these photos have been staged – we have simply photographed these as we’ve installed them, or even “off the back of the truck”.

Metalwork Services

he Wrought Iron Specialists team believe that if you want something and it can be made in wrought iron, bronze or any other metal, then we will make it to an exceptional standard. No job is too big or small and we love a challenge.

Design and build

Wrought Iron Specialists will take a concept and, working with you, combine our experience to create the ultimate piece of functional art.  From the smallest bronze Lamp to a wrought iron multi-level spiral staircase, Wrought Iron Specialists will create a stunning piece of Iron work.

Restoration & Modifications

If you have an old piece that needs restoring to “like new” or you wish to modify an existing piece, then Wrought Iron Specialists will be able to help.


Have you travelled or seen a picture of a beautiful piece of wrought Iron work that you fell in love with and want in your place?  Then talk to Wrought Iron Specialists and we will be able to assist.  One recent job was to replicate a balcony balustrade seen and photographed in France. Using the photo and a compliance with New Zealand regulations, the piece has been beautifully replicated capturing the intricacy of the old masters’ craftsmanship.

Interior/Exterior Designers

We have extensive experience working with many building and gardening service professionals turning their vision into fantastic pieces that have featured in many award winning buildings and magazines.  We have also worked with, and for, artists in sculpture and motion pictures creating stunning pieces of art and props from wrought iron and bronze.

Custom Order

Don’t see the service you are looking for in the list above? Just call us and ask! We pride ourselves on our exceptional design, assembly, customization and final delivery. We guarantee that your high-quality custom metal product will be fabricated to meet and exceed your expectations and will be completed in a timely manner.