Are you wanting a sturdy wrought iron handrail? A magnificent wrought iron balustrade? A unique wrought iron table? A chandelier that will be a talking point for generations to come? Or an exquisite, timeless ornament? 

We have produced works throughout the land, and as far abroad as South Africa.  We also work with other metals too: bronze, brass, aluminium, stainless steel.  Be sure to check our photo gallery to see our portfolio of wrought iron and other metal products – all unique, all exquisite and all hand crafted.

Are you looking for something different, something unique, something special to feature in the entrance to your yard, building, house or even a room?  Wrought Iron Specialists call upon more than 45 years experience to make the right piece for you in wrought iron, bronze or any other metal.  

Wrought Iron Specialists create products including:

Iron Gates and Fences
Wrought Iron Balustrades (Internal and External)
Wrought Iron Light Fittings
Wrought Iron Chandeliers
Bronze Lights & Lanterns
Wrought Iron Stairs